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  • Liza Boone

Sustainability is the new black

...and One Golden Thread clothing is leading the charge. Not only are their clothes stylish and comfortable, but they're also made with sustainability in mind. If you're looking for a brand that's making a positive impact on the planet, then look no further than One Golden Thread.

Liza wearing her sustainable duster
Me in my favorite duster - so comfortable and breathable, even in Florida!

One Golden Thread is a brand that is focused on creating sustainable clothing that's comfortable to wear. They use only the highest quality materials and production methods that are kind to the environment. The result is a line of clothing that looks great, feels great, and is guilt-free.

The company's signature material is an equanimity blend of regenerative Beech Tree fiber from Austria (Tencel micro modal), spun with the top 1% of ethical Supima cotton from local California family farms that's incredibly soft and silky. The modal and bamboo blend is not only comfortable but also has natural anti-bacterial properties that make it perfect for activewear. This means that you don't have to worry about odors or bacteria buildup while you're working out or going about your day.

One Golden Thread's commitment to sustainability goes beyond just their materials. They also use ethical and responsible production

methods. This means that the people who make their clothes are treated fairly and with respect, and the impact on the environment is minimal.

Another great thing about One Golden Thread is their focus on versatility. Their clothes are designed to be worn in a variety of settings,

from casual to formal. This means that you can get a lot of use out of their pieces and minimize waste. I love to wear the duster on the plane on my travels. All of this and you look like a Jedi too.

Overall, One Golden Thread is a brand that you should definitely check out if you're looking for sustainable and comfortable clothing. Their commitment to sustainability, comfort, and style is unmatched, and their clothes are sure to make you feel great inside and out. So why not join the One Golden Thread movement today and make a positive impact on the planet?


This page contains affiliate links to a product I use and love so we can all benefit. I believe in only recommending products that I have personal experience with and will always post with integrity. - Liza


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